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The Tamayo Law Firm takes pride in representing individuals who are facing criminal charges, with a focus on drunk driving defense. At the Tamayo Law Firm we make private criminal representation possible, because we make it affordable.

An Arrest Does Not Necessarily Equal A Conviction.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how complicated a criminal charge is. This is especially true for drug and traffic related cases, such as DWI / OUI offenses. For example, even if you’re charged with what seems like a simple traffic offense, if the police stopped you illegally, then you can probably have the case dismissed. If the police conducted an illegal search, and as a result, discovered that you were in possession of illegal drugs, you may be able to have the case dismissed prior to trial. Even in difficult cases, the government is still required to prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a very high standard. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case and properly advise you on your rights and options.

 As a former prosecutor, I’ve reviewed cases from the same perspective as the government. I now use that knowledge to ensure that your rights are protected, and you’re treated fairly. To make sure your case gets the personal attention it deserves, I purposely limit the number of cases I accept.

It’s never a wise decision to face criminal charges without an attorney.

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