Choosing A Lawyer & Questions To Ask An Attorney Before Hiring

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Lawyer:

  1. How much experience do you have with a particular type of case (e.g. drunk driving cases)?
  2. Have you ever done a jury trial for my type of case (e.g. DWI / OUI / DUI jury trial)?
  3. What type of defenses does a case like mine potentially have?
  4. Do you ever recommend the use of experts in cases?
  5. What is your attorney fee, and is it a flat fee?
  6. What does your fee include (e.g. motions, trial)?
  7. Will you be the attorney that handles my case, or someone else in your office?

Choosing a Lawyer, the Right Lawyer for You and Your Case

Finally, after meeting with the lawyer, and receiving answers to all your questions, ask yourself if you feel comfortable with them.  Keep in mind that this is someone you’ll have to communicate with a lot, and potentially go to trial with.  Although price is always something to consider, it shouldn’t be the sole basis for your decision.  As a side issue, I often hear people say they can’t afford an attorney, but before assuming that, take a look at the Attorney Fees section.

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