Criminal and DUI / OUI / DWI Attorney Fees

I Can’t Afford Criminal or DUI / OUI / DWI Attorney Fees

Unfortunately, many people believe that going to Court without a criminal attorney is their only option, because they think they can’t afford the criminal or DWI attorney fees.  However, most criminal attorneys usually have options that make criminal or DWI fees affordable and representation possible.  The truth is, you have to ask yourself whether you can afford not to hire an attorney.  All you have to do is look at the NH DWI Penalties or MA DUI / OUI Penalties to see what I mean.

How Much Does a Criminal or DUI / OUI / DWI lawyer cost?

Most criminal lawyers charge a flat fee for cases, including DUI / OUI / DWI charges.  DWI Attorney fees for drunk driving cases normally range from about $1500, to upwards of $5000 (or higher), for full representation through trial.  DWI attorney fees will typically depend on the experience level of the attorney, the facts of the case, and the geographic area the attorney practices in.  If a DUI / OUI / DWI attorney charges less, they may charge additional fees if they have to file motions or go to trial.  Those are details you should discuss with the attorney when you meet.  However, most criminal and drunk driving attorneys simply charge a flat fee for full representation.

My Criminal & DUI / OUI / DWI Attorney Fees

My DWI attorney fees are reasonable flat fees, which I’ve found is affordable for most people.  Once I know the facts of your case, I can evaluate the potential issues, and determine a reasonable flat fee for the work.  Unlike some attorneys who require a retainer, which can lead to an unpredictable amount of attorney fees, I find that my flat DWI attorney fees make people very comfortable.  This is because we both know exactly what the DWI attorney fees are from the outset, with no surprises.  The scope of my work will be in writing, along with my DWI attorney fees.  In reality, when it comes to attorney fees, the cost of a DUI / OUI / DWI conviction is more in the long run, then the cost of hiring a qualified attorney.  Although it’s practical to ask “How much does a DWI lawyer cost?”, trying to find a cheap DUI attorney should not be your ultimate goal.  On the other hand, keep in mind that just because a DWI attorney has been practicing for a long time, or has higher DWI attorney fees, does not necessarily mean they’re a good criminal attorney.  An attorney may have lower rates or prices for several reason.  For instance, their attorney fees may be lower, because they have less overhead, recently opened their office, or are in a competitive geographic market.  Beyond the amount of the DWI attorney fees, there are certain questions you should ask the attorney, especially when dealing with a drunk driving charge.

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