Criminal Law & Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense With The Experience of a Former Prosecutor

Criminal law can be complicated, and having an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through the process is important.  As a former prosecutor, I’ve had the opportunity to look at criminal cases from the same viewpoint as the person trying to convict you.  I now apply that knowledge in my criminal defense practice to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected, and you’re treated fairly.

A Criminal Defense May Exist, Even if You’re Guilty of the Crime

During my time practicing criminal law (as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney), I’ve seen many people plea guilty to cases that were very defensible.  Even in criminal cases where you believe you’re guilty of the crime, there may be other issues that have to be sorted out.  For example, in drug and traffic related cases, some common issues that arise are whether the police had a legal basis to stop the person for questioning, to stop the car, or to conduct a search of the person, car, or home.  In DWI / OUI / DUI cases there are many issues and defenses that should always be considered before entering a plea, which are described in more detail in our DWI Defense section.  As you can see, because criminal law and criminal defense are not straight forward as you may believe, there may be a criminal defense that you’re unaware of.

If you’re arrested for any type of criminal charge, I encourage you to contact an experienced criminal lawyer.  Dealing with a criminal charge can be frightening and stressful, especially if you’ve never gone through the Court process before.  Simply trying to figure out the location of the Court can be a challenge.  Regardless of whether you’ve gone through the process before, it’s never a good idea to face criminal charges without a lawyer.  Feel free to contact my firm to discuss your criminal law matter.

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