Do I Need A Lawyer?

You Should Always Have a Criminal Attorney Review Your Case

A common question is, “Do I need a lawyer?.”  When it involves a criminal charge, you should always have an attorney review your case as soon as possible, especially when you’re dealing with a DWI / OUI / DUI.  The ramifications for a criminal conviction can be severe, but this is especially true with a drunk driving charge.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a DWI 1st Offense?

In New Hampshire you only have 30 days to schedule your license revocation hearing, to potentially save your driver’s license.  Aside from your license revocation hearing, you have to handle the DWI criminal case.  For a DWI 1st Offense in New Hampshire, there is no jail time, but it can still result in fines, additional suspensions, probation, an ignition interlock, and other significant sanctions.  There is also no hardship license available in New Hampshire, which for practical purposes, is the most severe sanction.  The look back period for New Hampshire is 10 years, while Massachusetts has a lifetime look back period for a subsequent DUI / OUI.  This is important in New Hampshire, because an aggravated DWI or subsequent DWI conviction has mandatory jail time.  Massachusetts does offer an alternative disposition for a OUI / DUI 1st Offense, but it will still be counted against you if you get a subsequent OUI / DUI charge.  A subsequent OUI / DUI charge does have mandatory jail, unless you are fortunate enough to qualify for an alternative disposition.  That’s why it’s never a good idea to simply take a plea deal, without an attorney reviewing your case beforehand.  Besides the possible loss of your driver’s license, and other NH DWI penalties and MA DUI penalties, a drunk driving charge can obviously have harsh affects on a person’s employment.  People with professional licenses (doctors / physicians, nurses, lawyers) and those with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) typically have the most to lose.  A DWI will likely result in an increase in your car insurance, and require an SR-22 in New Hampshire if you’re convicted.

Criminal and OUI / DUI / DWI Attorney Fees

Unfortunately, many people think that going to Court without a criminal or DUI / OUI / DWI attorney is their only option, because they believe they can’t afford an attorney.  After asking yourself “Do I need a lawyer?”, before assuming you don’t need one, or can’t afford one, you should review the section dealing with Criminal and DWI Attorney Fees.

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