Hardship License

Can I get a Hardship License?

The biggest issue for most people once they get arrested for a DWI / OUI / DUI is whether they’re eligible for a hardship license.  A hardship license is also commonly referred to as a work license, restricted license, 7 to 7 license, or Cinderella license.

New Hampshire’s Tough Stance on Cinderella Licenses

New Hampshire:  No Restricted License Available
Massachusetts:  Restricted License is Available

The fact that there is no type of restricted license available in New Hampshire is another example of the tough stance New Hampshire has taken on DWI charges.  If you’re arrested for an OUI / DUI in Massachusetts, whether you’re eligible to for a Cinderella license, and when you’re eligible to get it, will depend on the circumstances.  Take a look at our Massachusetts OUI Penalties page for 1st Offense OUI and 2nd Offense OUI to get more information on Massachusetts Cinderella licenses.

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